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Teaching To Transgress Epub To Pdf
Teaching To Transgress Epub To Pdf

teaching to transgress epub to pdf


Teaching To Transgress Epub To Pdf -





















































Teaching To Transgress Epub To Pdf



You also attain the ordinary accomplishments of long life, increased merit and so on The former heaven shall depart and pass away, a new heaven shall appearThen, understanding that it is through relying on you, Lama Vajrasattva, and taking you as a refuge and support with one-pointed faith that all our negative actions will be purified, we pray: Take care of me and all other beings! Look after us! Purify all our negative actions and obscurations! Pray like this with such intense devotion that tears come to your eyesIf you think of the numbers and kinds of beings in the lower realms, you will realize just how slim is the chance of gaining a human body Neverthe- less, we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousnessThe Noble Ktyyana said:Just as, in society, if we are guilty of a crime such as manslaughter we are made to express our regret and then pay compensation, here, too, we should confess our negative actions of the past and then vow not to repeat them


The seed or cause for being born in such a state is wandering into the darkness of stubborn stupidity, and thereby failing to undertake virtue and refrain from non-virtueThe third parable (Ivi.-lxx.) recurs, with glowing eloquence, to the inexhaustible theme of Messianic glory, and again depicts the happy future of the righteous in contrast with the appalling misery of the wickedYou might be left with your prtimoka and bodhisattva vows all broken, or your samaya commitments of the secret mantrayna torn to shreds through having disparaged the master and so onAgain, as the dominion of the Messiah, and even the power of God, are depicted of aeonian duration, any limitation of the infinite in the sacred terminology aeons of aeons imperils the eternal in DivinityJe means the lord of refuge for all beingsAnd the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them(The angel Eaphael addressing Enoch in the region of the dead Here their souls are sepa- rated & by a chasmEnThe pretas with specific obscurations undergo sufferings such as having many creatures living on their bodies devouring themConsider how, throughout all your lifetimes, throughout beginningless time until now, you have accumulated negative actions with your body, speech and mind


The mantra mla dissolves into the H4Similarly, you see what appears to be a pleasant forest, but once you arrive there it becomes a 'Forest of Sword Blades' where your body is gashed and choppedHaving received the secret empowerment, you should practice mantra recitation; having received the knowledge empowerment, you should meditate on dzogrim [Tib.] (the completion phase); and having received the fourth empowerment, you should meditate on the meaning of shunyataIn some cases, you may have an interest in the teachings, whilst being a slave under someone elses control

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